A must play for WWII Pacific Theater addicts who love logistics.

User Rating: 9.5 | War in the Pacific PC
First let me disclose that I am hooked on war games that are excruciatingly detailed and require careful management of logistics. WITP gives the player both. It is a carefully detailed rendition of the war in the Pacific. The player can micro-manage each unit if so desired and the game represents nicely the logistical challenges of fighting the war over the vast reaches of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The interface is straight forward and easy to learn. The detail takes you down to each individual ship and air squadron and ground units ranging from batalions to divisions.

The play is turned based. Orders can be given to any unit each turn. Tuns are a day, or 3 days, user selected. The AI can be quite challenging but some times, like the Japanese in WWII, can fixate on an objective and squander critical assets attempting to take the objective. This happens especially with Port Morseby where the Japanese will risk air craft carriers to land based air attacks in an effort to take the base and will continue to do so even after losing air superiority.

This game is not for everyone because of its attention to detail and for the need to carefully manage logistics. There is an auto convoy system but it does not route convoys around enemy air space so it is necessary for those bases that cannot be reached via a direct route to manually create convoys and navigate them via bases that skirt enemy air space.

The game is an excellent rendition of the strategic problems that confronted Chester Nimitz and Isoroku Yamomoto in World War II. I have spent many enjoyable hours playing it.