It's not just a game, it's a career!

User Rating: 9.2 | War in the Pacific PC
The best thing about this behemoth of a game is its incredible detail and depth. The worst thing about this game is its incredible detail and depth. War in the Pacific is definitely a game to be tackled by only the most resolute of grognards. The game covers the entire pacific theater of World War II from Karachi to San Diego and all points in between in the minutest of detail; down to individual pilots, commanders, aircraft; ships; airplanes, etc. For land units the scale ranges from Chinese corps down to Ranger and paratroop battalions. Practically every aspect of warfare is covered including logistics, command and control, artillery barrages, CAP, aircraft search missions; the list goes on. Included with the game are several campaigns covering various time frames and geographic locations. Of course, the full campaign beginning on December 7, 1941 is the center piece of the game. Game play consists primarily of scanning the map and giving orders to the various land, sea and air units under your control. Once you have completed giving orders you end your turn and let the AI play out game in daily turns. You can set the game to play one, two or three days between order phases. There are different feedback levels available to allow you to watch the action, but the greater the detail you choose to display, the longer each turn takes to process. If you wish to play the full campaign, expect to devote a significant amount of time to the endeavor. For example, if you require a half an hour to issue orders and process a day’s turn and play twelve hours per week, it will require approximately one year to complete the full campaign covering the entire course of the war. War in the Pacific is a great game which will appeal to those who enjoy a truly detailed strategy game; the type of game which is all too rare in these days of simplistic RTS games. If you’re this type of gamer, this is the game for you. Just be sure that you are caught up on your homework and/or honey-do’s at home before you dive in.