very good game with fun for the whole family.

User Rating: 9.4 | Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit PS2
This is a very good game that is fun for all ages. This game will be very popular among young people especially the Brits. This game, made from Nick Park’s award winning movie is about and inventor and his dog who go out to try and stop the horror that they have unleashed on the world before it ruins the great town vegetable competition. As you can probably tell from this description this game offers no violence and is good safe fun for the whole family and will keep them busy for weeks. This game is very good when it comes to gameplay, graphics and sound allowing you to play as Wallace, Gromit and even Hutch the rabbit and use the many gadgets unlocked through the game, this game also offers a great multiplayer game in which two players working side by side through the story mode. This is defiantly a very good game and would certainly go into my top 10. Overall I give this game thumbs up but I want to know what you think so please email me your comment on the game at “
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