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I think VVVVVV deserves a full review with a solid score. For anyone who doesn't know about this game: It's "basically" a platform game with ancient graphics and chip tune soundtrack. But it differs from any game i have ever seen (since games like limbo and Meat Boy) You can NOT jump in this game. Instead you simply press a button that inverts gravity...exploring this simple gameplay to the max, the game stands out for being smart, intelligent, complex and one of the best platform games i have ever played. But what really makes this game so interesting is: The Soundtrack. The music is So good and intriguing, i mean SOOOO good that you will never give up even if dying 30 times in the same room. "Potential For Anything" and "positive power" are just a few of the songs that will catch you like a little fish with its heroicness. This simple yet so complex and intriguing game is like a "Punch on the Face" of the today cliched games. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of platform gaming. Hell even if you aren't give this gem a try. You will not be disappointed.
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Just completed flip mode in 508 deaths. That damn Gravitron killed me 40 times so I missed the 500 deaths award.