A new evil in town kidnaps the local healing woman to steal her magic. Before she is taken a spell is cast upon Vince.

User Rating: 6.5 | Voodoo Vince XBOX
Vince is a voodoo doll....what do you do with voodoo dolls? You stick them with pins and abuse them to do harm to your enemies! Yes, I am sick and twisted enough to find the humor in this game.

Your job is to rescue the woman that created you. To defeat your foes you can spin attack, jump on them, or attack a larger amount of them by using a special attack where you do some harm to yourself, doesn't really hurt, you're a voodoo doll remember.

It's a fun game, the graphics aren't bad, lands or levels are a little cheesy at times, but what else would you expect with this concept. Having the kidnapped woman "in your head" at times is often annoying, but can be helpful. Vince has some great one-liners and I enjoy trying out new special attacks. Like one you stick a bunch of pins in yourself, another time an anvil is dropped on you squashing your enemies. The big evil villain is comical and nonthreatening.