Being on the XBOX I assumed the worst, but Vince turns out to be second only to Psychonauts as the best XBOX platfomer.

User Rating: 8.9 | Voodoo Vince XBOX
Voodoo Vince was a cheap Ebay purchase 6 months ago. When I finally got around to playing it, I figured it would be another XBOX disappointment like Blinx or Oddworld. However after about 3 hours of gameplay I found myself wanting to play it more and more. I finished it right at 10 hours. So, its rather short, but you will enjoy 100% of the game though (which is rare.) Even the more difficult parts weren't frustrating and the levels flow very well. All of the gameplay mechanics are pretty standard and it kinda feels like you are playing a rayman game, but that is not a bad thing. The replay value is pretty nonexistant and you will quickly move on to something else afterward. The graphics are beatiful and the bayou/faux new orleans/cajun atmosphere of the game is very charming and the characters are funny. The music is very stylish and fits every aspect of the game. I found Voodoo Vince well rounded and a ton of fun. XBOX owners looking for a good platformer can feel comfortable buying this one and hopeing that Beep will eventually be paid for a sequel.