Not the best, but certainly not the worst

User Rating: 7.8 | Voodoo Vince XBOX
Voodoo Vince is one of the few platforming games yet, and while it doesn't compare to Psychonauts, it still holds its own.

Gameplay: The gameplay is much like any other platformer. You traverse various environments while collecting pick-ups such as Zombie Dust bags, Voodoo icons, and Skull pages. The one major difference in Voodoo Vince than any other platformer is the boss fights, where instead of directly hurting the boss, you must find ways to hurt yourself. This is because Vince, is a voodoo doll. So hurting himself, will hurt the enemies. This is a great twist to the game and almost, in itself, makes the game worth playing.

Graphics: The graphics are not outstanding but they are still very good. The environments illustrate an altered Louisiana, while throwing in the developers own cartoon world full of Voodoo magic. The level of detail is very good and the only thing I would complain about is the character design of some of the people. Madam Charmaign (the woman you are trying to save throughout the game) looks very unrealistic and has very poor detail in her which is very contradictory to the people around her.

Sound: The music is very thematic, with Jazz music playing most of the game. It's no Final Fantasy music, but it does fit the theme and kind of falls into the background.

Difficulty: The game is not very hard or long for the most part, aside from a couple, absurdly hard parts, and will most likely last you about 20 hours. Unlike most Platformers, there are no real secret items or goals to complete for each level (e.x. Crash Bandicoots time trial gems, Super Mario 64's stars) aside from the zombie dust bags which merely get you an extra health bar for every 100 that you get. This lowers replayability but does not make the game not worth getting.

Overall, I recommend Voodoo Vince for a rental, but unless you really like playing the same game over and over, don't buy this one.