A voodoo doll brought to life, able to own enemies by owning himself? Definitely innovative and original!

User Rating: 9.7 | Voodoo Vince XBOX
When I watched my friend play this game, there were definitely enough funny parts in the game to make it worth playing.

Basically, there's this voodoo shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans (well...was, it's kind of destroyed now. Stupid Hurricane Katrina), and the owner has been kidnapped. On the way out, the crooks spilled some Zombie Dust, capable of bringing inanimate objects to life. A voodoo doll on a shelf, named Vince, got dusted, and therefore brought to life. Vince can hear his master through a telepathic link, and so he sets out on a journey to save her.

But what can a ten-inch tall voodoo doll do to hurt his foes? Aside from punching and kicking, voodoo dolls are often used to hurt other people by hurting the doll. Throughout the game, you'll collect an entourage of various voodoo powers, some incredibly funny. I've counted over 20 voodoo powers, so it's a surprise each time you launch an attack.

Unfortunately, these attacks come with a price, emptying a section of your Voodoo Meter after each attack. When you start the game, you only have one skull on your Voodoo Meter. You can collect more throughout the game by getting every Skull Page on each level, and catching the floating skull which appears afterwards. You can re-fill your Voodoo Meter by collecting magical beads that a monster drops when you kill it.

There are a myriad of Voodoo Powers, ranging from the classic pins being stuck through you, to being mowed down by a tommy-gun gang from the 1930s.

I saw very few bad sides to this game, the gameplay was fun, the story was great, if a bit short, and the graphics aren't too shabby.