Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise is a great sequel to the original, it shouldnt be overlooked

User Rating: 9 | Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise X360
Viva Pinata as a series is looked at as a childish nonsense series that is about colourful things that get sent to parties.
Realistically, it is about funny looking animals who's dream is to go to parties around the world, but seriously it dont think a child would be able to get any further than level 15 with out a parents help in this game.

TIP is a lot like the original, you attract pinata, resident them, send them to parties, romance them and fiond their variants.
Along with a ton of new pinata, flowers and heaps more
This new installment has included a multitude of new features.
One and one of the most notable, is the ability to go to the Pinarctica and Dessert Desert. Where you bait traps that certain pinata like, they will go over and eat the ingredient and the box will engulf them and you can pick it up at the post office. You can open it in any of your gardens.
Once this 'baited pinata' is in your garden its the same as any pinata, just satisfy its resident requirements. Simple.

There is also a fun mode, where you can just play around, have any pinata and just play.

Another feature is the 'trick stick' a more minor feature you can experiment and feed your pinata a certain food and it might do something cool! Like i have made my pretztail play the trumpet. Just tap it with the trick stick while its performing the trick and it will remember it and then all you have to do is get the stick out and press the button.

The other notable feature is that you have i8s that instead of waiting forever for another request from pinata central, instead you have a set of pinata to send. All you have to do is fill its candiosity meter, then go over to the crate at the edge of the garden and then BOOOMM you have done it.
And now, you get experience for sending a new species off to a party. COOL!!

Graphically it is only a minor improvement but hey, the last games graphics were amazing!

Audio wise i dont know what GS is talking about when it says it has bad voice overs, just because the characters are irritating, but i mean, you grow to love them.

Its lengthy play time makes it a great install ment to your collection, Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise is an incredibly good sequel and shouldnt be missed. Or dissed by its haters