There is trouble in paradise all right, namely this game not being anywhere near as good as it's original.

User Rating: 7 | Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise X360
I'll keep this review relatively brief, as there isn't a whole lot to say about this title. Viva Pinata:- Trouble In Paradise is essentially the same game that was released a few years ago on the Xbox 360. Sure it has a few extra bells and whistles added on but this may as well just be what was released the first time in terms of new Pinatas and extra features.

For those of you uninitiated in Viva Pinata you build a garden and fill it with cute and cuddly sweet filled creatures that you must fulfil certain criteria to attract. Attracting Pinatas and getting them to stay depends on growing different plants, the different types of environment in your garden and what other Pinatas are already there. All the while you must manage your garden too, keeping evil creatures out, stopping fights, tending to plants, pruning weeds and breeding your existing residents to produce cute baby bundles of sweetness.

Now the original VP was amazing, it was groundbreaking and was highly rewarding and addictive, adding more to that formula should be a good thing, more Pinatas more features to the garden etc.. and that's what you have here. Unfortunately this addition to the VP franchise is marred by some irritating changes that essentially make the game frustrating and less fun than it was. The title should have been released at a budget price with the extra features, but no they had to change some Gameplay mechanics too which was ultimately a bad decision on the part of Rare. First off I can't tell you how annoying the evil Pinata are this time round, while playing this my partner and I counted at least 8 attacks on her garden in around 10mins causing lots of micromanagement time to get rid of. Yes you can fix the evil Pinata problem in various ways but it detracts from the fun to make it this urgent to spend all your cash on making them good Pinatas or buying blockers. Another annoying feature is that the breeding mini-game has changed to be fiddlier, more frustrating and generally more time consuming than it was before. I quite liked the original mazes but adding collect quests to them presumably to justify the games £40 or so price tag isn't winning me over, especially as it's a lot easier to mess up and have to spend even more time breeding the Pinata again.

There's plenty of other things I could rant about the game being a lot more frustrating with it's tweaks but as I said, I want to keep this brief. Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise probably is worth getting if you haven't played the original to death. But for those who have looking for something fresh and new, you really won't find Rare's game has grown any features worth spending the price of a full game on.