Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Achievement Achievement
    Make 3 Arctic species resident Arctic Collector (10)
    Grow all Arctic plants to maturity Arctic Green Fingers (20)
    Take 10 Photographs (Normal) Candied Camera (10)
    Card Sharp (10)
    Evolve a Chocstrich from a Cluckles Chocstrich Evolution (20)
    Have a Spectral Locomotive in the garden. Choo Choo Master (20)
    Have a Woo Woo Train in the Garden Choo-Choo (10)
    Earn a Gold Combat Medal Come And Have A Go (20)
    Play One Box Co-op for 1 hour Couch Socialite (10)
    Make 3 Desert species resident Desert Collector (10)
    Grow all Desert plants to maturity Desert Green Fingers (20)
    Obtain a Choclodocus. Dinokeeper (50)
    Exhibitor (10)
    Expert Records Keeper (50)
    Wear a Pinata Costume. Fancy Dress (30)
    Play 4 Player Online Co-op for 1 hour Full House (10)
    Knock 5 sweets into seed holes using the shovel. Gone Clubbing (10)
    Evolve a Hoghurt from a Rashberry Hoghurt Evolution (20)
    Teach a Pinata all of their Tricks Instructor (10)
    Knock 1 sweet into a seed hole from a long distance. Long Shot (20)
    Make all Arctic species resident Master Arctic Collector (20)
    Take a Special Photograph Master Candied Camera (20)
    Master Card Sharp (20)
    Complete all Challenges in all Regions Master Challenger (50)
    Play One Box Co-op for 3 Hours Master Couch Socialite (20)
    Make all Desert species resident Master Desert Collector (20)
    Master Exhibitor (20)
    Teach 10 pinatas all of their tricks. Master Instructor (20)
    Master Records Keeper (40)
    Master Speedfreak (20)
    Evolve a Moojoo from a Doenut Moojoo Evolution (20)
    Packet contains all surface types Packet Bulger (20)
    Evolve a Parmadillo from a Fudgehog Parmadillo Evolution (20)
    Evolve a Pieena from a Pretztail Pieena Evolution (20)
    Evolve a Polollybear from a Fizzlybear Polollybear Evolution (20)
    Records Keeper (30)
    Region 1 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 2 Region 2 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 3 Region 3 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 4 Region 4 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 5 Region 5 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 6 Region 6 Challenger (20)
    Complete all Challenges in Region 7 Region 7 Challenger (20)
    SpeedFreak (10)
    Create One Set of Twin Pinata's Twin Birth (10)
    Create 10 sets of Twin Pinata Twin Birth Master (20)
    Create a Wildcard Pinata Wildcard Variant (10)
    Create 10 Wildcard Pinata Wildcard Variant Master (20)
    Collect milk from a Flapyak. Yakkity Yak (20)

    Contributed by: Guard Master, GQJake381, MasterZeldaGuy, Abboman 

  2. Gamer Pic

    Beat all seven of Langston's Region challenges

    Contributed by: reklaw_vahn 

  3. The Mode of Unlocking the Credits and it's Secrets

    Unblock all the pinatas from Pester's hands and Leafos will say that credits are unlocked. Now smash all sours, pinata's and junk's for unlocking cool items, like Wishing Well

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Smash all junk's Accesories
    Smash all sour's Cool Items
    Unblock all pinata's Credits
    Smash all pinata's Wishing Well

    Contributed by: Minaxus 

  4. Unlockable Gamerpic

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Smash all debris and trees Accessories
    Smash all sours. Gamerpic
    Smash all Pinatas Wishing Well

    Contributed by: Nickf42 

  5. Play The Credits Mode and Unlock Accesories and The Wishing Well.

    Effect Effect
    Unlocks Credits Mode

    Contributed by: tman7776 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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