Wow well what can I say....Dreamcast has given you the ultimate tennis life experience in this game.

User Rating: 10 | Power Smash 2 DC
This game is great for DC, the graphics are execelent! With everyone from Serina to Venus Williams you definately notice the defination within ther muscles or their arms. They did this very succesfully, even you own personal character has those certain defined areas. When you travel around the world in World Tour Mode, areas look way more detailed. Gameplay is much more harder as well. Now your opponents (computer) will pick at your weaknesses in a round, this wasnt the case before. In certain modes like World Tour you can create your own personal player and raise their stats in certain areas, and slowly they'll start to get much better at certain moves...making the gameplay seem a little more faster than in the previous games, but who cares, its more realistic. Sounds in this game where amazing, to every little hit of the ball, bounce of the ball, annoucer, and the crowd, the sound only adds more to this ultimate real life, gameplay experience. Point blank...if you not a fan of tennis, play this just once and you'll be one;)