old-game still great

User Rating: 7.7 | Virtua Tennis 2 PS2
this game is very good i could say the best tennis game on ps2.

but since it's kinda outdated you get to wanting more ,by todays sports game starndards.

1.first thing the graphics are solid-but u can't help but wonder how improved they would have been in a 2k6 edition.

2.multiplayer is excellent-but no two-player quest fort the top rank..just one game..and your done

3.the crowd is not up to todays standards in crowd reactions..but it hold up well..

this game is a good game, if u need a tennis game..get it no regrets.

just seeing all the things that are in sports game in 06 makes u wish this game was updated majorly..like graphics n presentation of an nba 2k6....comentary of an nfl2k5,v.i.p.system robust create a player. legacy mode where u play a trainer looking for young players to bring to the top for some recognition and money..scouting young college players.injuries..all the 06 sports standards.