Tennis 2k2 still by far stands out on top, with next gen games not even coming close; it kicks out TS2 and VT3 big time!

User Rating: 9.7 | Virtua Tennis 2 PS2
Tennis 2k2 of Dreamcast, which afterwards became Sega Sports Tennis on PS2 is undoubtedly the best tennis game out there, simply because it is one of the most addicting games of all time (either you're into tennis or not). Man after all those years, Tennis 2k2 still by far stands out on top, with next generation games not even coming close; no chance what so ever. Tennis 2k2 kicks Top Spin 2 as well as Virtua Tennis 3 big time. The only game to ever challenge the superiority of Tennis 2k2 has been Xbox's Top Spin starring Pete Sampras, and I really have to give the atari people real credit for being able to even challenge the feel of Tennis 2k2. I don't even remember now as to when was the first time that I played Tennis 2k2; I guess it was way back in 2001. I can proudly and safely say that a game becomes a classic as well as legendary only when it easily surpasses the test of time. I, along with millions of Tennis 2k2 addicts are still playing this amazing game and will certainly continue to do so, as this mesmerizing work of art simply has no replacement or substitute.

During the time of its release, Tennis 2k2 had the best graphics, detail and sound. The game acquires totally exact serving, standing and playing styles of all the professional players. Tennis 2k2 has always had an immense gameplay which although is very easy to get a hold on, still takes a lot of practice and hard work to master. Watching two masters of the game compete in an exhibition match delivers greatest fun both for watchers as well as players; which therefore allows a great company of friends enjoying soft drinks, snacks, and tennis 2k2. A game that unites people and creates a party oriented atmosphere can truely be regarded as special.

An innovative introduction of mini games and a very detailed and well designed world tour puts up an icing on the cake, delivering a real masterpiece for people of all ages, styles and interests.