Viruta Quest have a good demo but all the gameplay is bumb and repetitive as ever!

User Rating: 5.1 | Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgment Six No Yabou GC
When I play the demo of Virtua Quest in an EB games store, I was thinking that I was a good beat'em-up. I was totally wrong. You see, the game is very boring with all of these stupid things. The gameplay is very, very, very repetitive and very, very, very bad.

The story is that you, a little guy, goes in a virtual world for take Data chip. You can have virtua souls too, you just have to beat a Virtua Fight's characters (Wait, it goes wrong!).

The problem is that you can't really do a virtua soul move. You do something else that you don't want. It's really frustrating. But don't cry, the bad guys are stupid. So you can just beat them with normal kicks and punches. But not with these boss. Well, you'll still hate this game. Because your camera don't want to work. You have to say at the camera than need a new view. And they say that's a role-playing? Don't believe them. There's no role-playing here!

The graphics are not so great. They are just normal. And we forget them (Because of this @%!* gameplay!). So forget these graphics, fast!

For the sound, we can't appreciate the sounds of kicks and punches. Why? I never heard a kick do a sound like that one.

For finish this review, I have to say that I don't finish this game. I find no reason why replay this game. Do you understand? In Virtua Quest, we never have fun!