Unfortunitely, this game sucks

User Rating: 2.9 | Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgment Six No Yabou GC
Well, I had actually bought this one, for $50.00, and man, was I disappointed. Graphics - 7/10

The graphics aren't that bad! They are good and cell shaded, but for a game where you are trying to defeat evil forces, you would think that they wouldn't be so bright and cheerful...

Audio - 2/10

Wow, the audio sucks, there isnt anything good you can say about this one, it is junk, and whenever you turn the game on, you wish you had hearing aids and you could turn them off. No joke.

Gameplay - 3/10

Wow, this is such a bad part of the game, oh wait, it is also the most important part of the game, and it sucks. The camera is terrible, and all you do is button mash. Finally, when you are on some levels, you get lost very easily, and can never find the place you need to go.

This game is terrible, it is the pits, the worst of the worst, don't even rent this game, if you see it in the store, scream and run out, get into your position and rock back and forth, because this was a stressful experiance.