The virtual world has a new hero.

User Rating: 6 | Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgment Six No Yabou PS2
Virtua Fighter is one of the most popular fighting type games on the market but I wasn't much into that style of gaming so I tryed something else by playing Virtua Quest as it was created by SEGA who created the famous fighting series the world has known for many years now.
The story follows a boy named Sei who has been logging onto a virtual world of Nexus as a new treasure hunter to help collect money for him and his friend Hayami to enter into a big race in the real world but soon as he stars out he uncovers a big plan created by a mysterious group calling themselves Judgement 6 are planning for taking over the world with the help of legardary data items called Virtua Souls so Sei along with a strange girl named Toka must put a stop to this or both Nexus and the real world are doomed.
Unlike any of the Virtua Fighters games that were created this one is a bit different as it is more of a action adventure style game which includes the usually item collecting , boss battles and side quests but it does have some of the fighting style that fans like in the form of Virtua Souls as each one holds one of the many characters from the series like Akira , Lion and Jacky that will teach you a new move but only if you are able to defeat them in a one of one combat match.
You may also notice that Sei is being followed by a little robot like character along with other players you meet in the world of Nexus as it is called Bit which he can help you out when your off on your journey so when you are exploring levels you will find items that when you give them to Bit can improve his skills and sometimes evolve him into newer forms that are helpful like the whale form can collect healing items in the level you are in to heal you when needed while the Triceratops form can help attack enemies to help you.
I really didn't know much about the Virtua Fighter series but thanks to this game I was able to learn a little bit more so I would tell anyone to give this one a go if you have or haven't played the series before.