Slow starting game makes virtua quest an boring the start.

User Rating: 5.6 | Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgment Six No Yabou PS2
Virtua quest is one of those great games where it takes tremendous effort and gameplay to become interesting. Athough this game starts slow, it will eventually turn around to become a greatist hit in most gamers eyes should, they have the patience to play for great deals of time. The story line its self is quite fun and well thought. Graphics can sometimes be awesome, then sometimes become crappy for example if your in a small room the graphics are good but once you enter a level like wild corridor, the graphics began to waver from ok to sucks @$$! This game won me over because of the storyline and many boss who offer many challenges. I encourage video gamers to try this game out and give it at least an hour before saying it sucks.