Stupid game trying to make the big bucks........

User Rating: 3 | Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgment Six No Yabou GC
I was looking in the bargain bin, and I found this. I made a bad decsion. This game went back to the stores faster then you can imagine. This game had a horrible making it hard to recommend this to anyone. And yes it had some bad controls, when I mean bad I mean bad..Anyway this game was god awful from the start. I don't play virtua series. But I have checked there stats and I think Virtua fighter would be a better choice. Anyway the graphics were good though. But thats not what really matters in these kinds of games, its the combat/gameplay. And in this game case, it fails. It was an epic fail. Anyway i dont recommend this game to hardly anyone reading this.

Good graphics.


bad gameplay.

That's all I can say about Virtua Fighter......

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