Anyone whose played another fighting game franchise should stay far away from this horrible and boring experience.

User Rating: 3 | Virtua Fighter 5 PS3
I played this game for quite awhile with a friend believing it was a game similar to Tekken- a complex fighter with a ton of substance, personality, and great characters. What I found was a game less enjoyable than tekken 1.

I first noticed that the characters in the game completely lacked the charm and personality I found in other fighting games. Even DOA(which I don't like) had more charm than V5. Of them all, only Lei fei, Aoi, and Kagemaru seemed interesting to me. The rest were alright save for Akira and El Blaze who I found to be rip-offs of well established icons. Akira is a poor mans Ryu and El Blaze an idiotic version of Rey Mysterio(even his moves are similar). Why couldn't have made a unique Luchador like El Fuerte?

The graphics were ok when it first came out but nowadays are not up to the mark. The voice acting was absolutely atrocious. I thought that the gameplay might make up for it. Boy was I wrong. The combos never really get to be all that challenging and complex, each move being done with almost robotic animations. I yawned more than a couple times, stopping to laugh at the horrendous in game commentary.

V5 is a game you only when there are no other fighting games to play and only when you don't know any others. why? Because they blow this game out of the water. So, if you can pick up Tekken 6, Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and KOF then there is no need to waste money on this boring piece of trash.