The most technical and best looking 3D fighting game I have ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Virtua Fighter 5 Online X360
Virtua Fighter 5 is a very technical 3D fighting game.You'll need to position your character well,have good timing for your attacks/counter attacks and select the correct moves at the correct time if you want to win.If you do a poorly timed attack or select the wrong attack manuever,it can result in you being punished by a combo or powerful special move.Being too defensive or allowing an opponent to get too close to you can result in them lifting you up and performing a body slam on you.The scissors/paper/rock system in VF5 has many moves that can counter other moves.There is also a move that stuns an opponent and also if your opponent knocked to the ground,you'll be able to hit them while they're still on the ground.

There is a diversity in the fighting styles and for the strengths and weaknesses of each character.Some characters use a form of martial arts,such as Muay Thai,Praying Mantis style and drunken style Kung Fu,Jeet Kune Do(Bruce Lee's style)Aiki-jūjutsu(which involves the neutralization of an attack and emphasizes throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively control,subdue, or injure an attacker)plus there's other martial arts styles that other characters use.

Some characters are wrestlers,and try to use professional wrestling moves in real combat situations,and there's a character who uses an ancient Greek style of wrestling.

Some characters are very fast,some characters are big and slow but powerful.

The ring out system makes fights more strategic and interesting,because even if you are losing a fight by a large margin,you can still win by knocking your opponent out of the ring.

The graphics are beauiful,you'll see mist in the air when you're fighting on the mountains,some stages have a wonderful oriental atmosphere.There is tropical locations such as one with a beautiful waterfall and another with palm trees and the beach in the background.There is also cages which you can fight inside and you'll see a big screen showing the fight to the roaring crowd,The city looks beautiful all lite up at night with teriffic rainfall effects.At the start of each fight,the environment around the arena is shown and the locations look beautiful.

The characters look more detailed than in any other fighting game I've played and have detailed muscle tone,facial structure,and detailed clothing.I like the diversity of the costumes such as Aoi's traditional Japanese clothing,Akira's martial arts outfit,El Blaze's mask which suits his wrestler theme,Goh Hinogami who looks like Frankenstein .and Jackie's casual clothes

I like the music,it has a real arcade feel.

Besides arcade mode,you can play Quest mode which is where you'll be given a ranking and you can enter touraments and you can make your ranking increase by defeating lots of opponents,and as your ranking increases,you can enter the tournaments with the tougher opponents and if you beat lots of tough opponents,it will make your ranking go up even faster and you can earn money to buy items such as new clothing,different hair color,accessories such as a green,fluro light wrist band that creates streaks of green light when you punch with the hand that's wearing it.

Overall,VF5 is one of the most technical and deep fighting games you'll ever play.