Umm, I love this game. Hard to learn and hard to master. Great 3d fighter.

User Rating: 9 | Virtua Fighter 5 Online X360
If you're looking for a 3d fighter that mimics fighting styles to the T, you're in the right place. Virtua Fighter 5 doesn't have the flash of Tekken or DoA4, but that's not why you bought it, you bought it because you're in a karate or kung fu class and you wanted to see if you were truly learning how to fight with the same awesomeness as a videogame character. You can honestly judge your sensei/sifu's teaching by how closely your moves look like the moves in this game. Of course you can't juggle like they can in VF5, but when it comes to strikes and throws, you should be learning the same things.

Also this game is probably 15 dollars now, get it, sega will probably release one of the updated versions sooner or later and you'll love it even more. Beat your friends' ass in a real mans fighter. Get VF5.