A good game that got boring.

User Rating: 6.5 | Virtua Fighter 5 PS3
At first when you play Virtua Fighter 5 a lot of good things will pop up into your mind. Good graphics and loads of fighters were the first two things i thought of when i started to play. Once the game play got going it was fun and it seemed that the combat was mixed up. Over time the game play seemed to get very repetitive and i started to get mad. I thought that maybe it was a fighter but still after i switched my fighter it got repetitive in a number of fights. Virtua Fighter 5 main problem was the fact that they did not mix it up. This was still a good game though because of the cool areas to fight in, fun career like mode, and a handful of fighters to choose from. Overall Virtua Fighter 5 is a good fighting game that at first seems great but then gets repetitive within a few hours and the game does not look so good anymore.