Not so simple fighting game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Virtua Fighter 5 Online X360
Its an older game that I decided to try out recently. Right off the bat you cant tell its ported from overseas and from arcade. Its actually quite hard to figure out moves and commands early on. There is a place called the dojo which ends up being the hardest part of the game. You work through each of over a hundred moves for a character. Its not always straightforward how you are to do the moves and even the internet was failing me on this one. Took a lot of trial and error. The overall gameplay is repetitive as well and potentially can get boring after awhile.

The plus side however is that while you fight the same of 17 different combatants there are upwards I believe of 28 ranks. Each rank gets progressively harder and because of the plethora of moves they each bring a different skill set at you. You can button mash your way to victory for about the first half of the ranks and then you quickly learn that you have to up your skillz. To complete this game is very challenging and takes practice and honing of multiple skill sets.

Its a fun game overall, not much to its onlineness, but fun for a single player. Its a bit dated so likely doesnt have much time left. But if you like fighting games im sure you can find it cheap for some good times.