The best fighting game I've ever played...

User Rating: 10 | Virtua Fighter 5 Online X360
Let's get this review started, with my normal look on the details...
I personally love this game, I got this game quite a while(or long after) this game was originally released. But who cares as long as you're enjoying the game right? DAMN RIGHT!
Well, the game has a decent amount of characters to play, and it won't get you bored at all , I promise you, Sega did a wonderful job with this game and I love it, the customization in for offline and online play is spectacular and its unbelievable honestly(sadly for ps3 users cannot go online play, which really really sucks) and the voice are top notch, feeling realistic and the movements and animation as well, the story is okay(but when it comes to fighting games, the story is the least important thing sadly) but the story doesn't drive you to play it, but it honestly doesn't matter since the gameplay keeps you in the action, the unlockables will strip you of your daily time, so you won't be bored collecting everything, and also the online play is fantastic, not once have I gotten an error or anything, and the feeling of it all is just simply wonderful, but its my opinion. But honestly I cannot recommend this anymore, this is possibly one of the best fighting games of all time, hell Gameinformer and IGN said the same thing, and they were !@#$%^& right...Now go join a tournament!!!