Virtua Fighter 5 is a good addition to the Virtua Fighter series, and a good fighting game in its own right.

User Rating: 8 | Virtua Fighter 5 PS3
Virtua Fighter 5 is the latest game in the Virtua Fighter series. This great series of games is great as button mashing will get a gamer nowhere. The Virtua Fighter series can be considerd the fighting game fan's fighting game. Virtua Fighter 5 is a worth addition to the series and while not particularly innovative or groundbreaking, as well as having a certain lack of difficulty, is a good fighting game to add to your collection.

Story - There is no story , or if there is, its so unimportant that its not worth mentioning, The Virtua Fighter Series was never strong in the story department because it doesnt need to be.

Gameplay - The Gameplay in Virtua Fighter 5 is similar to that of the rest of the series, in that only 3 buttons are really needed to fight. a number of extra buttons can be used but are unncessary. Using these three buttons, a gamer can create many moves and combos. This intellegent yet simple fighting system means that while the game might seem simple , it is in fact quite challenging and requires practice in order to succeed. Button mashing will not work well in this game , as it is easy to block and counter any attempts at button mashing. There are various playing modes in the game, aside from the usual arcade and vs mode there is also a story mode ,which involves you traveling to virtual arcades to compete against opponents and increase your rank, as well as unlock various costumes and other unlockables. The only major problem with VF5 is that it is simply too easy. Compared to Virtua Fighter 2, quite possibly the best entry in the series, VF5's normal difficulty, is easier then VF2's easy difficulty. While this does not sound bad as such, having no challenge in a game can be as bad as too much challenge, as the game can become boring. Otherwise , this game is great to play and quite fun.

Graphics and Sound - The graphics in VF5 are very good for a 2007 PS3 release. The characters are highly detailed, looking better then many later fighting games, and also animate smoothly and at a fast, steady frame rate. The backgrounds are also very detailed as is expected. The Virtua Fighter series was always known for its graphics, from VF1 being the first ever 3D fighter , the series has a high standard. VF5 earns its place in the VF series with great visuals that still impress compared to recent PS3 games. As far as the sound and music are concerned, they are all good, the sound effects are all good and sound as they should, and the music, while not being as memorable as some of the music in VF1 or VF2, is still good and sets the mood for the fighting. The characters also sound good and all say somewhat amusing things before every fight. Overall, VF5 looks and sounds very good.

In Conclusion, Virtua Fighter 5 is a worth addition to the Virtua Fighter series, despite a lack of innovation and a somewhat overly easy difficulty. It still has the great gameplay the series is known for, with its simple looking but difficult to master approach, and the game hold up very well graphically, as well as in the sound department. Virtua Fighter 5 is a worthy game to add to any fighting game fan's collection.