this game blurs the line between video games, genius, and art

User Rating: 10 | Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown X360
I played virtua fighter 2, so i bought this game so i could relive my younger days.

buddy , i did not know what i was in for.

It started out out like a normal fighting game, and i had fun playing as my favorite characters again [mostly shun di]. I beat normal arcade mode so i went to very hard.

Thats when the game went into maximum override of greatness. I cant describe in words how amazed i was. Its like the makers of the game turned into game making dinosaurs! The fight felt and looked like it came straight out a kung fu movie. It looked choreographed but it wasnt. As more punches and kicks got thrown, my mind got more blown. I wasnt even trying to win, i just pressed random buttons and magic happened. Everything flowed naturally. I felt like the spirit of shun di took over my body and tried its best to put on a private show for me.

After the fight ended. I broke down and cried my eyes out. It was not because I lost [i lost badly btw], it was a lot of things. The fight was too beautiful. I cried because i was overwhelmed by it. It was also because of the fact that nothing is ever gonna happen in my life thats gonna come close to the greatness i just saw. I had to thank somebody for this, so I bowed down & thanked the 1st god that came into my mind. I closed my eyes and whispered "thank you allah"

But i dont get why it gotta reload every time i hit continue, they should fix that.