Vf5,,Final Showdown is more like final letdown,,there is nothing to get from this game here,,

User Rating: 6.5 | Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown PS3

yeah vf5 FS,,can be soemthing for u if ur not to demanding,,and ca nsettle for a fighter with no meat,,whatsover


let me start with the positive,,,

plays like original vf5,,the roster is nice and large,,and they added extra char,,

good ones,,graphics are great,,music,,voices,,sound effects ,,camera and so on,,athmoshpere,,,its stops here,,

training is useless,,arcade-mode is good but useless,,

offline vs mode is usual,,all modes are usuless,,

because there are no point of using them;)

online is also useless,,

no story,,no cinematics,,no everything except the fighting,,new char,,and stages,,,,but no more,,

its one disaster,,

dont expect much of this,,arcade ,,no excitment,,no meat,,no nothing,,except playign this with a friend with yourself,,or if there is maybe someone online;)

but it doesnt help,,its not much to get,,i nthis one,,

4.5 / 10