things i hate in this game (video)

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this game looks good but they tuned down some cool loking stages from vf5 and made them look worse & less beautiful . items you get through dlc feels unfinished i only have sarah items & there are stupid thing with colors ! like green boots only for witch and no green sneakers or other boots . same with other item colors ... it feels like they was lazy to do items and put all colors =)


and now worst thing in game :

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Because its not TEKKEN . If you could hit a player while in Wakeup ever time , then you could do infinite combos and the game would be broken. You made a video proving what an unskilled n00b you are. Mashing KK during wake up and expecting it to hit? Somebody skipped the tutorial. Now go play n00b tekken and live in ignorant bliss. You also made a comment in your youtube section comparing making wakeup animations vulnerable to combos that OTG. First of all anybody with any common sense would know making wakeup animations vulnerable would allow INFINITE combos with no limit. OTG hits in combos are limited, and on top of that, any move that normally hits standing opponents but can OTG hit is DAMAGE SCALED down when it OTG hits. If you knew anything about VF you would know that only way you can hit somebody during wakeup animation is by Doing a pounce move, Up+P. And even then it only hits mostly when the opponent doesn't tech roll or gets hit by an untechable knockdown move. You obviously came from playing n00b games like Tekken. In one of the TEN THOUSAND VF vs Tekken threads in here I cited that the mere fact that Tekken ALLOWS wake up hits of PPK is the reason it's a broken POS.