The worst hit boxes ever

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when I can hit a person on the ground with a high attack, or when a foot flies in front of your face (not connecting) but the game counts it as a hit there's a problem. 

Yes it takes skill to know when to exploit the problems, but when you have a bunch of button mashers connecting sh*t that shouldn't hit there's a problem.

this game deserves a 6.5 

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It doesn't deserve a 6.5. But I call B S on some of SEGA's hype. They call Final Showdown the most refined version of VF5 yet, but the hit-boxes are BS and twice as bad as VF5 Vanilla. Tommorrow I'm going to upload a match of me vs the wall. In that video LOOK at the hit box for Wolf's wake up rising Low sweep. It's Freaking 20 feet. I'm not joking.