Does anyone else think Items are weird in this game?

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I'm not talking about the selection itself or the fact that you have to purchase them seperately from the game.

But why is it that you can't even view other players' items if you haven't purchased the pack yet? Wouldn't seeing other people with glorious gear entice you more to purchase the item packs?


I guess on the bright side it means they are doing their business honestly - unlike CAPCOM - and actually does not have the items locked within the game but have to be seperately downloaded. 

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I agree with you. It'd be nice if all players could see them regardless of if they bought the items or not, but from what Sega has said on, they looked into doing a "compatibility pack" so everyone could see them, but it just didn't work out due to "1st party regulations".

Yeah though, it is nice in some ways, since people can't complain that the items are "already on the 'disc'!" :P