Blow $#!% up, Again!

User Rating: 10 | Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense PS
If only you could have seen me when I first played this one, my eyes almost popped outta my head.

However good V8 was, V8SO keeps it up, without changing much also. The gameplay is simple: drive around, shoot others cars, blow the other cars up, blow up everything else that isnt blown up. But really, where do I begin? The amount of secrets this game has in its levels is awesome. The fact that you can pop in the first V8 game and unlock the first game levels is even better. The fact that you can fly, ski, and drive on water is brain busting. Each car has its unique special, and none of them are repeats of the first game. The machine guns on the sides of the cars overheat, forcing you to think ahead. You can upgrade the cars, completely overhauling their looks and you can change their colors.

Its just... man youd have to play it for yourself.

The graphics are crisp and the game doesnt lag. Only overlookable problem is when your car goes out of the stage then reappears, this happens after landing too hard or being hit with multiple specials at once. The levels can be destroyed through and through. The mortar fires cause holes in the ground that can get really deep, the buildings can be exploded, even while youre in them. The cars are awesome looking and range from a deisel and towtruck, to a Trans Am and hatchback, to futuristic beauties. The explosions are well animated and the game never lags because of it.

I wish I had a PS2 to play this on. Id spend all night playing it. All the time I spent playing before was nothing. It was just practice. I know everything about the game and I no where everything is.

I love this game. Thats all there is too it.