More puzzles and less combat is a recipe for a good Viewtiful Joe game.

User Rating: 8.7 | Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble! DS
Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble! gives a great first impression and soon you’ll realize, that the game has a very repetitive structure in it. This game is more about puzzle solving than combat.

In a theme park called Movieland a bad guy shows up and steals Captain Blue’s latest movie. Of course it’s up to Joe and a couple of other characters to get that reel of film back. Story is told both with text and voice acting, but mostly text. This is a good thing, because in the very first Viewtiful Joe on GameCube the voice acting was so bad that it was hard to follow the story. That just isn’t a problem anymore.

Graphics look pretty much identical to Joe´s previous console games and in DS it’s absolutely great. Backgrounds contain lots of details and the use of colors makes this game just pure eye candy. Music is also good and varied boosting the action even more. Sound effects on the other hand are exactly as you remember them in previous Viewtiful Joe games, so there’s nothing new here.

Gameplay leans very heavily on puzzle solving instead of combat like in other Viewtiful Joe games. In my opinion this is a good thing, because I hated the combat in the first game on GameCube and Nintendo DS is better suited for puzzle solving. Structure of the game is very repetitive: you enter a room, beat a couple of bad guys, solve a puzzle and move on to the next room. That’s it: you do that same thing over and over again. Luckily the puzzles are varied taking good advantage of DS´s touch screen and the environments look great. This means that Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble! is at its best when played in small doses.

There are checkpoints after every room in the game and you’ll also get a chance to save your progress very regularly. This makes sure that there is no chance of getting too frustrated. You can also buy upgrades between save points so there is a little of RPG elements here too.

While the puzzles are many and varied the game is pretty strict on how you use the stylus. It’s very easy to launch a wrong V-power when you’re trying to do something fast. Fortunately this is not a problem very often, but you’ll definitely notice it especially when you need to perform combat moves with the face buttons and solve a puzzle with the stylus in rapid succession.

Since I didn’t enjoy previous Viewtiful Joe games this is in my opinion the best in the series.