This is a big peice of maggot filled crap.

User Rating: 1 | Vietnam 2: Special Assignment PC
This game is terrible,The most retarded AI ever,BAD gfx,Bad sounds,Same textures,Same game as the first just plain terrible keep away from this game.If you ever play it you need to be slaped.A terrible peice of crap Calusoft is a peice of crap too single cell soft are idots too.

Who ever made this game and thought it was good should be slaped,The testers should have said how bad this game was.Who ever retailed this game are idots terrible terrible peice of crap.

The frist one is bad but this is worse.No one ever play this, The only thing I'm wondering if the frist one was terrible how the hell did they ever make a second.I might have to kill everyone in valusoft if the decide to make another one (if there still around that is)