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Zoochosis Made Us Care For The Scariest Animals We've Ever Seen | Summer Game Fest 2024

We played the upcoming body cam horror, meets zookeeper simulator game, Zoochosis. Zoochosis features terrifying mutant giraffes, penguin abominations, horrific kangaroos, and many more animals that you must care for as you fight to survive the night.

Preparing meat for the animals, treating sickness, and ensuring each creature is locked up tight are just a few of the tasks you must accomplish as you work to uncover the secrets of this terrifying sanctuary in the game's 21 different endings.

Zoochosis takes inspiration from other first-person horror games like Five Nights at Freddy's and Poppy's Playtime, but with it's own zookeeper twists, varied player choices, and some of the grossest animals we've ever seen.