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Zelda-Themed Mario Maker 2 Update Is An Exciting Addition

Super Mario Maker 2's update brings a slew of new content, including frozen blocks, Spike, everyone's favorite green Hylian, Link. Super Mario Maker 2 Ver 2.0 update comes out December 5 on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Maker 2's second post-launch update arrives this week, and it's a big one. With the Ver 2.0 update, Nintendo is introducing a slew of new tools to the level creation game. On top of new enemies, the company is adding a handful of new course parts for you to tinker with, such as frozen coins that can be thawed out by fire and a dash pad--exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World game style--that propels Mario forward at great speeds.

The biggest addition to the game, however, is the ability to play as Link, the elfin hero from the Legend of Zelda series. Mario can transform into the Hylian adventurer after grabbing the Master Sword, a new power-up that can be used exclusively in the original Super Mario Bros. game style. Mario's appearance isn't all that changes when he picks up a Master Sword; he also gains access to Link's repertoire of skills, such as the ability to Pegasus dash through enemies and deflect projectiles with his shield.

The most exciting aspect about the Master Sword power-up, however, is that it opens up a whole new range of gameplay possibilities. In the video above, we test out the new tools coming in Mario Maker 2's Ver 2.0 update and share our thoughts on what they add to the game.Super Mario Maker 2 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. We gave the title an 8/10 in our Super Mario Maker 2 review and called it "a robust level creation tool and a fantastic open-ended platformer." If you're a novice course maker or need some inspiration, be sure to check out our tips on how to make a good level. You can also try your hand at some of the GameSpot staff's best courses.