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You Should Try Hitman With The Hud Off

Jean-Luc argues that Hitman can be a better experience if you disable some of its key HUD elements.

The joy of Hitman comes from a mastery of its levels. Learning their layouts, planning the perfect hit, or adapting to a changing situation. But what do you do once you’ve mastered Hitman? You make it harder for yourself.

In this video, Jean-Luc Seipke talks about how the experience of playing Hitman 3 can significantly change when you disable key HUD features such as Mission Story Guidance and Instincts Mode. Both are great tools for helping out players but Jean-Luc argues that without them you’re forced to act more cautiously and creatively, creating a more thrilling Hitman experience. And of course just for fun he also tries the game without any HUD just to see what it’s like.

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