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You Have To Fight The Snake Now?! 'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth' | Get Good

Thrust into the middle of the action in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, can Emma guide Hector to victory in his very first boss fight? Or will his journey end at the bottom of the swamp where the Midgardsormr dwells? Find out in this episode of 'Get Good'!

In 1997, Emma's trajectory as a gamer was forever changed when she played Final Fantasy VII. In 2020, Square-Enix released Final Fantasy VII Remake, a game that felt as though the devs had reached into her head and made the game she remembered playing in her youth. But L.A. based Producer/Host and bonafide comic book expert Hector Navarro? He's never played a Final Fantasy. His JRPG experience stops at Pokémon.