Year in Review 2016: Wii U Report Card - The Lobby

How did Nintendo's console do this year? The gang sits down to discuss the Wii U's highs and lows for 2016.

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I was so hoping for a D&D style game where the DM uses the gamepad while the others used the TV, like what Mike at Penny Arcade proposed.

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The primary reason the Wii U flopped is because of the high expectations Nintendo has created for itself. Everyone remembers the awesomeness Nintendo is known for and when they dont match that everyone bags on em. Wii U was a great system just not as stellar as some of the releases Nintendo is known for.

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Screw Wii U, I have never been so flu-cked over by a console. Worse than a door stopper -you trip over it! It SUCKS!

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@nayce54: Guess you didn't buy a 32X or Atari Jaguar?