Year in Review 2010: Q2

We take a look back at everything that happened in the world of games in the second quarter of 2010.

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Best year ever

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this year is the best

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"and its glasses free 3D technology" *shows guy wearing glasses playing 3DS* lol

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dalger21 : yup, E3 wasn't too bad this year ... some new stuff and lots of prepherials .. and Wii copyness :P

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E3 was pretty good this year in my opinion.

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AC got a pretty good success this year they are sure one of the few with most sales

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I won't be playing games on my lousy cell phone any time soon :(

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very nice ! thanks for video !

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good video

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It's really been an eventual year :)

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Wow. I never even knew about game companies making you pay 10 bucks for multiplayer features. That's just absurd. Oh my god, they lose 50,000 dollars from used games, they can't afford that change to fall out of their pockets now can they.

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@DennisWZH: Gears of War 3, a Locust ripped off the arm of a COG soldier :P.

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woah, what game is that where the ogre rip out someone's hand and use it to bludgeon the out of screen monster?

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I think companys should get some percentage of used sale games from gamestop and other stores

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They can't even pronounce ipod touch!

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Costumes annoy me in Assassin's Creed. Clipping issues and invisible Hidden Blades. They still look cool, though. But it's these issues that put me off wearing the costumes.

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Slipped in quietly with no arguement was the new DRM to stop 2nd hand sales. And yet this will kill video gaming, albeit a long slow death!

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All these new games and all I see are puddles of blood and bodies being torn to pieces. As if gamers really needed to see all of that garbage in the first place. To me, that's disgusting, all those 'M' rated games that promote gore and extreme violence; not to mention all the other trash that goes on in the minds of the game developers. I mean, let's be honest. 'M' rated games are for kids who are 17 years old and up. You can never be too old to watch someone tearing apart another person like a wild animal, or someone walking around without any clothes on... all for the sake of 'entertainment'. Don't get me wrong... if you want to play those piles of (fill in the blank) then please, knock yourself out. Games don't need that kind of exposure for it to be 'amazing' or 'great'.

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lol it ripped his arm off and beat him with the bloody end :P. and hell yes i was so happy at them making a new twisted metal XD. ea was pretty awesome despite the problems some of the game demo's had like skyward sword. while nintedo didn't bring much new stuff to e3 they killed it in the sequels to existing franchises department with bringing back kid icarus, kirby, dk and star fox. and though i'm not that excited about all the remakes/ports heading to the 3ds it still is gonna have alot of games i'll be looking forward to like the smt franchise, an unnamed kh game and a few other titles. still wish ffvs13 and ff agito had more announced on them since their 2 of the games most people are waiting for along with the last story tales of xillia and xenoblades localization announcement.

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@313striker kb mouse. ;)

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E3 was a blast. I was very into Microsofts show. I liked the demo's they put on of Black Ops, Dead Space 2, and Gears 3. Also, Kinect was very fun looking and is why I own one now! Its a blast.

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oh yeah, E3 happened in Q2. :lol:

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ME2 goty

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It's weird, I'd swear that some of those news happened last year, totally forgot about them.

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great games this year

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This year was good one

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@kbaily or use keyboard and mouse?

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For those who don't like motion controls, either get used to them or find a new hobby because more than likely they'll be standard on all the next controllers.

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iPad Touch lol!

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@ Skull-Fire No, I know that. I suppose I phrased that incorrectly. I'll still check the game out, I just hope it is not entirely controlled through over-the-top motion. If it is, I hope you can use a classic/gamecube controller. I don't have anything against it in general, I just prefer to sit down and play a game rather than stand up and wave my arms about. Motion controls can be great, like in Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3, but I don't like over the top motion (i.e. having to jump about in front of the tv). But, that's just my preference. I suppose what I mean to say is, I hope the motion controls in Skyward Sword aren't too over the top. Note: I wasn't trying to be condescending, just stating my opinion.

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more, more! and more news about games, less about crapy motion controls.

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This was an actual informative article from GameSpot for once.

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@SuprSaiyanRockr Please tell me your joking, as if you didnt know a Wii game would require motion controls

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I was somewhat looking forward to skyward sword, until I found out that it required motion controls :(

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Supreme Court case? Interesting.

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Actually very impressive line-up of news when all of the items are strung toether in video form. Great watch.

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Very nice :D

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Coooooool video

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MS E3 was a joke :lol:, good video.

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LOL I thought at 2:58 they were making a pun. Good job at suppressing the urge GameSpot, I wouldn't have been able to. Oh, and we almost bought a 3DTV, but we opted for a 2D HDTV, same size, without a free PS3, for only $500 less. Why? How many upcoming games have it (that I want)? 2. TWO! GT5, and Socom 4. Plus the only TV channel I'd watch is ESPN, and I only watch that in the World Cup (every 4 years) and Superbowl. Not worth it for 3D.

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hope Australia gets to play mature games..... its about time

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00:31 That's an iphone, not an ipad!

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Great year overall!

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This is more like 'developers year in review'. There's no mention of what was released/how it sold.

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