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Apparently there is an indie software company, Goldhawk Interactive, working on a game called Xenonauts that will pick up the true X-Com series banner.

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i am playing terror from the deep again since i cant get ufo enemy unkown to run on windows 7.I was wondering the original idea was so awsome and the recipe worked just fine,people loved the game,why dont they just use the old recipe(thats what most people want) with just new graphics,dont add any new mechanics just the same old game and trust me it will sell like crazy!All the other xcom didnt go well cause they tried to do some "different" but people didnt like that "different" aspect including me and most of my friends that we talked about one of our favorite games ever!I really hope they birng the good old xcom back

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Martin Slater resigned as the lead on this project. Hopefully they'll make some changes and point this thing back towards classic X-Com.

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It's hard to say if it'll be any good, but we'll have to see. There are certain things I like about the trailer and certain things I don't like about it. I'm just hoping the hype isn't going to overshadow the actual game. They better not rush the game's release.

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WOW! All the haters out there just because its not a RTS anymore. Give it a chance and try it! Bio Shock 1 n 2 are great games and totally convincing worlds.

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Now this look kind of good

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looks quite atmospheric and interesting.

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umm this is not x-com. change the name please. thank you.

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what a stupid stupid thing to do not releasing it on ps3 this game is going to fail! honestly do game developers have brains oh well there BIG loss!

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This is not X-COM... come on and find another name for that game.

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Syphadeus you had me cracking up with those comments. This game looks like it will be awesome...If they can capture the atmosphere of the 1st game.

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I think he's Jason Statham's brother. "It's not a strategy game... YOU TOILET! It's a totally systemic fluid mission based fps!" Apples and pears guv'na! Now where did you put my hyphen!?!

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Cocaine - hell yeah! Looks an alright game but it shouldn't be carrying the X-COM name. Hyphen or no hyphen.

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I loved the first bioshock game and Enemy Unknown really shook my world back in the early nineties. Can't say that this will be a hit but I have high hopes.

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LOVED the original was hoping it would be turned based strategy since those have seemed to vanish........sigh another fps..........

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I had no idea what to expect from this game, but it's looking like 2K's next Bioshock. That something special that you just gotta buy it.

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that dude was wired. but to make this a somewhat productive response, i hope its only a timed exclusive and that the ps3 sees a release sometime down the road because it looks pretty interesting.

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Is it just me or does Martin Slater look like he would kill you if you bashed his game...he is one scarry looking and talking dude....The game looks interesting I dont really understand what strategy elements are in it other then chosing what mission or area you want to go to those dont seem so strategic to me but 2k is on a roll with the Bioshock series so I'm hoping they make something original can anyone explain what the first game was like I see it on alot of best game ever lists, was it a real time strategy game/rpg or what exactly?

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of course its not only shooting oil, the oil is the first stage of the aliens before they manifest themselfs in the human host's body. then the shooter will most certainly become more interesting

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We are PC and Three-siexx... :D

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we got this we got that yada yada yada nothing new to see here

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another crappy fps please been done menny menny times

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Sound like a good single player, that is if that's what your looking for...

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I'm still hoping they'll release a strategy game following the inevitable success of this other generic FPS, but that's seeming more and more unlikely.

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After watching this video, I am convinced that the enemy in the game is BP. Would be nice to shoot more than oil.

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Nice hairband/ponytail he got there. XD

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looks like bioshocks gameplay

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That man right there is on cocaine. I wouldn't have a problem with them making an X-COM game except for the fact that this one in particular looks like crap.

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I actually think this looks kinda awesome. I'd rather see a new turn based old school strategy game like the old ones as well but for a shooter, this looks pretty cool

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Fail sauce!!!! Why why why why would they ruin X-COM by making a generic looking crap FPS? It baffles the mind.

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@Walking_STD Hyper is a nice way of putting it... If you look at how his eyes dart about it becomes more likely a neural disorder... or he's on something.

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They have an uphill battle now to show the nay-sayers that there IS a tactical strategy game in there. The trailer should have shown something other than the first person stuff to quell all the bickering, but it certainly made an impression. All I know is that my friends that I've shown the trailer to have been pretty impressed - they were not big players of the original like I was but it's hard to deny that there appears to be an interesting game being built here.

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Xcom is by far the best strategy games series I Know. but Im still getting over how they F'd this up and decided to make a first person shooter. how come strategy games either die or get turned to fps. rest in peace Microprose, Westwood and Ensemble studio. I used to have trouble deciding witch game to buy back in the day but now all I could look forward to is spacecraft 2.

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hopefully this gets a delayed PS3 release just like bioshock

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I felt far more excitement and fear playing the original turn-based (why does dude keep saying RTS?) X-COM than I've ever felt in a first or third person shooter. Controlling an entire team is much more intense than controlling a single person. Why's everyone so against turn-based strategy games these days?

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Well, the interview gave me a little hope. Would have liked to have more information on the r&d. Are you only researching weapons? What about ships, psy, etc? Are there a lot of alien types? What is the variety of mission area? Farm, city, burbs? Do your mission mates level up? Questions, Questions. Dude should lay off the coke tho...

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@filiba Yeah, I feel the pain too, dude (if you haven't read my rants on the other articles on this game already). However, I won't blame 2K Games so quickly - I would point the finger at Take-Two Interactive instead. It's their idea to remake the X-COM IP as a shooter after all, the greedy fools. They could have given it to Firaxis, who actually have experience making games like X-COM. Also, from the information we have on the game so far, 2K Games is trying to incorporate as much elements as possible from the venerated X-COM games. I don't think that they are trying to break the IP more than it already is. (I still don't like X-COM becoming a shooter though, and sadly 2K Games will end up being responsible for this travesty.) As for the missing hyphen, again, I would love to blame Take-Two. If this game bombs, it can always dismiss the game as not really X-COM, a failed spin-off of a (slightly) different name. Then again, 2K Games may be trying to make up for this loss ("the hyphen has been stolen" is not something I would expect the interviewee to say - I assume this statement is a disguised poke at Take-Two). The setting of the game (1950s) is not what I had expected also (it could have been lazy art design as you said). The setting could be an excuse to name the counter-alien taskforce differently. I am still not happy if this is true, but I would be far more incensed if the game had a more modern setting a la closer to the timeline of the original X-COM games.

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YES, thank you so much for pointing out that missing hyphen, Andrew Park!

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Martin slater looks a bit hyper (the 2k guy)

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Friends! I mean all of you nice people commenting. You all show a lack of knowledge and understanding of the beloved X-COM series! Firstly, why the "F" they removed the hyphen from the name? it's crucial! Secondly, why they changed a great game format from TBS to FPS ??? Do we really need another bad shooter game? The all concept in the X-COM series WAS the resource and theology development and then the turn base combat against aliens. Thirdly, 2K went 180 degrees from the original games, they used the same template from bioshock(Which was a great game) and even the same Era(50th). By the footage they have shown us the game looks like another boring FPS with no depth, and I feel like 2K is only trying to make an easy buck on our expense.

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It does have a lot of potential but I'll need more gameplay video to convince me into pre-ordering.

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Looks really good, altough I would love to see a real remake of the original XCOM.

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This literally looks like one of the best, most innovative game I have ever seen. This looks like the best game ever... I have only dreamed about a game like this. The best game ever invented and I am going to pre order the day its available to pre order. BEST GAME EVER!

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He makes it sound like there will bit a lot of replay value. I like what I see so far.