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except that this will not be downloadable on consoles. there will be a Commander's Edition of Enemy Unknown with the Slingshot and Elite Soldier DLCs and Enemy Within. So PC/MAC gamers will get this for $30.... console gamers will get it for $60 plus the dissatisfaction of knowing that they already own Enemy Unknown and probably have Slingshot and Elite Soldier DLCs already too. As much as I loved the game, I'm not throwing my money away to purchase another copy of a game that I already own..... just for the DLC.

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looks interesting...

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Dude this is gonna rock.... I think.

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I think this looks awesome help forget about the bureau

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Look good and all but if it still got the same awful aim % mechanic it s not worth my time . Missing more then half you re shot (even when they are only 3-4 tile away from you ) is not fun to me . It would be a shame cause everything else is great about that game .

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I have a love to hate relationship with this game I'll probably get the game but just the cheap deaths I always find myself being faced with just in the end just makes me not want to play it..

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I just hope this actually contains a subplot/secondary campaign in order to face the new enemies and also achieve the new technology.

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wishful thinking but I seriously doubt it..

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SOLD! :))

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And i thought the game felt americanized already, now we got cowboy bs.. like punching aliens in the face.

Even the X-com FPS.. is like 1960's America kicking the crap out of aliens.... yep.. wow.

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I hope the devs improve the air to air combat. That to me was the weakest part of xcom.

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@Ferric24 Yeah that's the one area that, even since the original X-Com decades ago, they don't seem to put any time into.

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Take my money!!

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Good game indeed.

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Why do the new enemies look like the Etherals from The Bureau?

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Shut up and take my money

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The Bureau was a disgrace to the franchise. I hope they've done this right :)

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@Noclippin Hmm. And I absolutely enjoyed the game maybe because i only could run on minimum spec on my old PC. There were bugs/glitches but storyline and combat tactics were certainly worthy of my time. Reminiscence to old school X-COM - no graphics but tactics prevail.

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I have X-Com as a PS+ game. Should I play it now or hold off until this expansion comes out? I mean, I have a pretty huge backlog of games as it is, so I could fill the time between now and then.

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@JBStone1981 play it now because its only available for you to play regardless of if you have it on your hard drive or not while its free on PS+

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Smells like a sure buy to me.

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@07wintert If they are really adding 47 maps, i might play xcom again. I think it currently has like a dozen maps, i couldnt play it after ending it coz the maps were same, and i knew where each enemy was by memory.

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@SipahSalar @07wintert There are 66 maps in Enemy Unknown + Slingshot DLC.

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Just freaking awesome! :D

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11-12-13 lol what a fancy number

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I loved Enemy Unknown so I'll be buying this for sure!

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What's up with all these Xcom games? Are they gonna release a new game every two months? I thought Assassins Creed and COD are burning out franchises with 1 game/ year but they are just spittin out these xcom stuff like crazy.

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@StotheG The Bureau was in development for a looooong time. Basically they got sick of waiting so another dev team made XCOM Enemy Unknown. Then the Bureau finally decided it was time to come out.

Enemy Within is an expansion to Enemy Unknown so they've only released two games in the past 10 years.

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@ExtremePhobia @StotheG enemy unknown is the only one worth getting, and enemy within when it releases.

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Is this the voice of Optimus Prime??

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@colin__23 Would make sense since the trailer is about war machines and mechs lol

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@colin__23 Sounds like it... but different. Not sure. Where is the IMDB for trailers and commercials!?

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looks interesting!

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this looks crazy good....

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loved the game, this should spice it up for a few more play through's

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Aaaaand rocket punch! :P

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Two questions:

1. Is graphics going to be good like in the trailer?

2. Can you do hand to ehh..hand combat with just your soldiers not with just the terminator

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@brianit41 I believe that the graphics always looked like that, and that they did mention it as being a terminator only move (kinetic punch I think) there was no mention of a weaker version either way for any of the other classes, so no idea.

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Wow! I am so not ready for this!... I wish I were good at X-COM :-(

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Put 6 colonel snipers together. If you manage to lose with that, there's no hope

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@DLC_Ascension Solution: Snipers.

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wait so is this DLC or a stand alone expansion?

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This is the regular game with all the old and brand new DLC content packed and will be released as retail as downloadable title as well. Consider this as a "remastered" XCOM E.U. game. Also the regular edition of this game, Enemy Unknown is also included with this.

The gameplay will be still the same. Basically Enemy Within will be still the same Enemy Unknown but with tons of added contents and a lot more options to win the game. Also more enemies as well.

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@countofhell4321 @Vambran Kind of like Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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@Vambran just an expansion, ironically with free dlc i think?

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XC:EU is such a great game. I am so glad it came out and now I am really looking forward to this!

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freakin sweet! can't wait!

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So psyched for this. Firaxis knows their expansions.