XCOM: Enemy Within - Announcement Trailer

Check out the announcement trailer for XCOM: Enemy Within, the expansion to the award-winning strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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Im ready for to get back into commanding my XCOM soldiers and coming up with little stories for each guy, making some of them my friends and or celebrities/other game charcters. thank god for releasing it this year and around winter!

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Jesus, I want a sequel not a expansion pack. Freaking cashcows

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stop teasing us developers.


Payday 2 Glitches

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so, is this an expansion to Enemy Unknown? And can you buy it separately?

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The voice from that character is so rough it sounds like he's about to make you his b*tch. Also, yay for the expansion.

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Wow that was a tease and nothing more.

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I will never forget how they lied to us about Mod support , it was one of the main reasons i picked up the game.

If they had not blatantly fed us pre sales PR we could have had 100's of new maps, weapons Base invasions, new ships. and so on.

But all we get is this dlc OVER A YEAR LATER .

I lost interest in this game without mod support to keep it going only so many times i can play through the same 4 maps.

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@AlphaWolF_J You should do a re-install of your game chap, if you have only 4 maps then it sounds like a bug.

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Did you just copy and paste that from IGN. That's petty. They never even promised mod support. Plz link me to that interview.

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woohoo XCOM is a great game, cant wait to get the expansion

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Well, that didn't tell us much.

Cool release date though.

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@OridanIX Yeah, typical early announcement trailer where they show you nothing except the fact that the game exists.