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Xbox Will Allow Call of Duty on PS Plus To Push Activision Deal Through | GameSpot News

Microsoft is willing to allow CoD on PS Plus, PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 is here, and several end of year game deals.

Microsoft is trying to sweeten the deal with PlayStation to get its Activision-Blizzard Deal through by allowing its competitor to put Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus if the megablockbuster franchise were to fall under its purview.

This news from Bloomberg comes after the acquisition has hit several major roadblocks, including a lawsuit against the Xbox manufacturer by the Federal Trade Commission itself. So far, Sony’s effort to make it appear that Microsoft would have a monopoly on video games if the deal were to happen seems to be working, telling anyone that will listen.

Seriously, I heard Jim Ryan is just going door to door now in a grassroots campaign.

*phone beeps*

Hang on one second. Gotta respond to this,

*receives text message from Devante as Jim Ryan trying to talk to me about Activision Deal*

Nevermind. It was just spam. Anyway, Microsoft has made some unprecedented announcements and deals to make it clear that they don’t want Call of Duty to be an exclusive franchise, including offering both PlayStation and Nintendo 10 year deals to put the franchise on their consoles, with the cherry on top now revealed that PlayStation could put the series on its own subscription service.

As of this recording, reports state that PlayStation has yet to take either offer in its negotiations with Microsoft.

If you’re wondering how the fallout of this deal will affect you, it might help to know just how much Call of Duty you currently play on PlayStation, and thanks to an end of year stat tracker, you can!

The PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up lets anyone on PS4 or PS5 access their highlights from the past year, which includes number of games played, total hours played, number of trophies earned, and number of PlayStation Plus monthly games downloaded. These stats will continue to track through the end of 2022, so whatever figures you see today could change before the start of the new year.

Users who complete all sections of the Wrap-Up will get a voucher code to redeem an Astro Bot avatar. There are six in all, and they will be themed around your personal stats. Codes can be redeemed by others, so Sony is encouraging users to share with friends. You see that code on your screen that I didn’t blur out? I didn’t have to, cus anyone commenting can use it to claim the Astro Bot x God of War avatar!

So in total, I spent a grand total of 241 hours playing my PS5 this year, with a whopping 5 of those hours being spent online. And zero hours were spent playing Call of Duty there. Sorry Sony, your double XP incentives were enticing, but I can’t be caught playing CoD on a DualSense when I own an Xbox and an Elite Series 2 controller.

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