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Xbox Series S Unboxing

Join us as we unbox the brand new Xbox Series S console.

You wait weeks for one console unboxing, then three come along at once. This week we unboxed the PlayStation 5, and now it's time for the two new members of the Xbox family.

We got our hands on the smaller, all-digital Xbox Series S, and in this video Lucy walks you through everything that comes inside the box. This includes the console itself and the brand new Xbox controller. The biggest thing you'll probably notice is that the Series S does not come with a disc drive, so be prepared to download all your games if you opt to buy this console.

We can't show you the console turned on just yet, but rest assured that we'll be putting it through its paces when we can. The Xbox Series S launches on November 10 worldwide.

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Very nice console. I'm not going to get one, because I have a 4K OLED, so I bought a Series X and PS5 (digital). But for people that is sticking with a 1080p TV, or are going to play on 1440p monitor I see it as a good choice. Is not expensive and GamePass Ultimate keeps getting better over time.

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