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They are obviously trying to turn people away from PC with these fake comparisons.

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haahaa funny video.... its a joke. nottin is stronger than pc's.

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@aminmarjan: for the money consoles are generally stronger. Don't compare the Xbox or ps4 to a 2k rig.lol

Keep it in the same ball park.

You're right though. Right now pcs have the advantage.

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The art of gimping...

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I wonder if they will mention that the Xbox X has new 4k texture packs for these new games. Microsoft doesn't provide specific 4k texture packs to the PC versions. So they are smaller texture packs with greater resolution applied to them. If they were all running the same texture packs the Xbox one would suffer much more, and the PC would look like the Xbox X or better.

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Is this a troll video? Because this looks like a troll video. I feel like it's a troll video. How are people dumb enough that they are taking this video as fact. The Xbox ONE X is definitely not better than a PC. The CPU for one is freaking 5 to 6 years old. Come on people a little research goes a long way. You can find the info on the console and see that it's already outdated.

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the cost benefit ratio does not justify the cost of the xbox 1X. without a 4K T.V you wont see much of a improvement in visuals.

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WELP, pc is officially no longer #1. xox is new king.

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Sponsored by Microsoft...

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This is freaking hilarious. These videos might as well be stamped with a troll face.

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So UWP was a play to make PC look bad?

Game def looks better on X, and this is far from the $500 PC.

But I'll stick with PC, where developers can't force you into 30 fps so that the game can have better-looking screenshots =)

All this performance is wasted if you are forced into 30 fps.

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Gears 4 at 1080 goes down in the 40fps at 1080p, and cannot stay at a consistent 60fps.

Watch at 6::27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6al1JUYB_c

Other games shown backwards compatibility from Digital foundry also showed problems hitting a consistent 60fps. Hitman sub 60.. Witcher 3 30fps.. Project Cars dips to 30fps.. Sub 60fps in AC Unity.. 30fps in Arkham Knight.. 30fps Son of Rome.. Sub 30fps in Just Cause 3.. Sub 30fps in FF15... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYuvL6bO04Q&t=742s

I will stick with PC.

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This was the biggest joke of a video if I've ever seen one. The PC version definitely looks better than that.

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Like all UWP games, these titles don't support SLI FWIW.

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Finally we have proof!

Consoles have better graphics than PCs!

Thanks GameSpot!

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@worldwartrump: PC versions is not on Ultra, only difference is, is that it can reach a consistent 60fps, or higher and the Xbox X can't. lol Digital Foundry video showed it in the campaign dropping to 44fps a 1080p.

Also if the console version has better visuals, it not because its more powerful, its becuase the developers were told to make it that way. lol PC can do better than consoles, developers just have to do it. Problems is here is that i have my game on Ultra, and it looks like the Xbox X version. The settings used here is not.

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@pcgameboy: the intro says the PC has it set to ultra settings using 2 graphics cards in SLI.......?

I'm guessing you mean the textures are higher res for the xbox one x version to make it look better than pc?

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@12eece: It is a lie, because i have it on Ultra, and it looks better than that. Again though even if it did its not because PC couldn't handle it, it would be because the developers were paid to not give to PC to make their platform look better when it isn't.

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1:19 shows straight line between the monster's head. Its more prominent in XONE X, followed by PC. Seems like two pieces put together.

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It's nice and all that the graphics are a little bit better than previous consoles, but when the enemy is barreling down on you, are you really concerned that the blades of grass are in 4K?

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@lion2447: well if what you say is true and graphical fidelity is not important then why did we ever migrate from the OG Xbox and PS2??

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The PCMR in these comments are hilarious!!!

Gamespot PLEASE keep making videos with PC not in max settings!! It drives PCMR bat poop crazy! Lol

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@gamer162594: lol I love how enraged and defensive PC weirdos get. Their stupid PC is in danger of no longer being the holy grail of gaming and their identities as human beings are threatened by it.

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@gamer162594: 44fps at 1080p on the Xbox X. LOL! Nobody is mad, just laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6al1JUYB_c

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@pcgameboy: I can tell you're PCMR....you find just one tiny negative thing and then run with it. Typical.

Actually, the Digitalfoundry guys were VERY complimentary about the game. They pointed out that in probably the most intense and resource intensive part of the game it does dip to 40....but overall they were impressed. LOL. ROFL. LMAO and whatever else kids say these days.

The game looks great, and you wouldn't even know it diped to 40 if a a computer didn't tell you.

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@gamer162594: Yeah the fact that it dips below 60fps AT ALL at 1080p, is pretty showing of whats to come in even more CPU bound games.. GOW4 is a linear game, so i can only imagine what an open world games will do to it.

If you look at their other video showing backwards compatible games, every single one of them except DOOM (which isn't at 4k yet) is under 60fps..

I don't care if DF says it is impressive, they have pretty low standards as it is, and say they "are impressed" with almost everything they review tech wise. Game looks great on Xbox X, and PC won't deny that, and it is impressive for a console to run 4K 30fps at all, so cheers, and enjoy it, i am just pointing out that 60fps will mostly still be a PC only thing with demanding games.

Also factually false on me not noticing, once you play at 60fps for so long, dips down to the 40s are very noticeable. Its very distracting.

One thing is for sure, PS4 is in trouble, and got some serious competition.

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These are meaningless comparisons tbh because

- there are no differences discernible tbh

- A "PC" is really a meaningless term. You're taking a tech whose HW is locked for several years and comparing with what "PC" exactly? A PC from 2013, 2017 or some other timeframe? Two PCs itself from 2017 have vastly diff performances. A PC by itself is very generic term.

You cannot really compare a PC and a particular console like that in a meaningful way. I mean might as well compare a PC with a PS2 then.

A PC from 2010 will look crap compared to XB1X (maybe, who knows for sure). A PC from 2015 looks about the same or crap or better etc. Same for PC from 2017 vs XB1X.

- These specs on paper as to who is faster makes 0 sense in gaming because in the end if games look the same, play the same, then it f'ing doesn't matter how many TFLOPS it has.

To me, I have consoles and gaming PC/Laptops and today the perf diffs are just miniscule tbh.

A PC has the potential as does the console and games look and play very well on any platform today

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{has head in sand, oblivious to the world, comes out to watch this “HD” video}

What, the One X looks just like 1080p!!! Fail confirmed!!

{puts head back in sand}

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Kinda hard to show the difference between 1080 and 4k unless it's a 4k stream and you have a 4k monitor. HDR clearly makes a difference in GoW4.

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To be fair... The original Halo still looks better then the pc port. They removed some effects, to make the console look better, but, pc had higher res.

Also I hate the whole pc vs console debate... There's no such thing of one pc, everyone has a different one and most don't own top notch pc's. So in the end, owning a console version that looks good and runs fine = good enough for most.

I own a pc and ps4, wiiu and older consoles, but might get a OneX one day, just too expensive. Waiting to see what Sony does next.

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Let's be honest here... they updated the graphics for the Xboxone X version and not the pc... PC will always have better graphics, it's just reality if you have the latest tech... Now if you don't like me... The XboxoneX is a good options, but they are all updates and not what the original discs look like... You hve the XboxOne discs not oneX...

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Errr, why is PC so smooth and Xbox one x so stuttery? It bleeds my eyes.

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I expected the xbone x to look much better TBH.....

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@crazy1raider: The video is only HD.

IGN has a 4K capture if you want a better example. You need a 4K TV though.

Also, digitalfoundry has a 4K HDR video.

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Sorry, but not seeing a compelling reason to buy the Xbox One X based on this video.

Of course, my issues is, why run dual SLI 1070s and then play the game in 1080P? That’s a special kind of stupid there. What were you afraid that people would see the king has no clothes as that watched the XB1 X choke at higher settings!

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Id be surprised if you couldnt turn the horrible blur filter off in the PC version like the devs did with the XBone 2 version. Also why do they run the PC version at 1080p and the XBone 2 at 4k? Good comparison GS ...not.

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@pelvist: They said all of them are 1080P I thought.

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@p3rrypm: The video is 1080p but it looks like they recorded the XBone 2 version from 4k and PC from 1080p. I didnt watch all of the video because its always the same. In these GS comparisons the PC version is always shown at a lower resolution than it can handle and lower than max settings, ALWAYS. Just read the comments on every video like this and watch any video comparison Gamespot has done and compare the PC version to a video of the same game running at max on Youtube.

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@pelvist: Don’t be so insecure. We all know you’re $1,300 PC can out perform a $500 console.

Take a deep breath and relax. This is more of a console article / topic.

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@gamer162594: Your here telling me i cant visit a thread because its supposedly a console article while calling me insecure? Oh the irony.

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@pelvist: Nope. I’m not insecure, I just admitted a $1,000+ PC beats a console. Since when is admitting something is better “insecure”?

Didn’t say you can’t visit either, but making excuses for PC over a Gamespot video is textbook insecurity. Oh the irony.

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@gamer162594: If it was an excuse then maybe you'd be right, however what I posted is fact and there is evidence to support that and proof via comments from GS staff that uploaded them. :D :D

Therefore you are wrong once again -though I doubt you'll admit it, people like you never do; therefore its pointless replying to your next juvenile response so ill cut it short as not to waste any more time on you.