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I really regret buying an Xbox One S late last year. Like others have mentioned the PS4 keeps churning out amazing exclusives.

Meanwhile anything even halfway decent that's available on the Xbox, also has a PC version which I can play on my vastly superior gaming PC. My Xbox One is just collecting dust now.

And UHD Blu-Ray... does anyone really watch movies on optical media anymore? Streaming has supplanted it almost entirely!

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Huge screw up by MS this year. You can't sit a year out in this business. Scorpio is coming out at the end of the year (a no buy for me) while Sony is launching great game after great game. I posted about this earlier and since then, on Forbes and other sites there are articles talking about this. MS needs to pull some aces from their sleeves. Cuphead is my big game this year but that's not enough. I wouldn't care so much if it seemed like they were trying but compared to Sony it seems like they really weren't paying attention to the present and focusing too much on a future console. Big mistake.

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Seeing what PS4 offers I agree with you.

Don't see anything of interest to me. :(

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Cuphead! I really hope it's as great as I imagine it to be.

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I think this is a big reason why Sony leads in console sales. As an Xbox Fanboy, which I happily admit, I am disappointed with this year's run of games. There's nothing really worth buying.

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@69ingChimpmunks: People on xbox need to remember how great 2016 was to us

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True: Gears 4, Quantum Break (hoping this becomes a new franchise) and INSIDE. They announced that no new Gears or Halo sequels would come in 2017 but they didn't say 2018.

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@69ingChimpmunks: We're supposed to be getting Project Scorpio this year. That's huge. On top of that we get consistently good racing games with Forza, which is something I don't think playstation even has yet.

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It's more power, better graphics and 4K capability but the price tag is steep. Gonna launch around 500-600 dollars.

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Meh, Phantom Dust looked interesting, Im not sure why they still make crackdown games, they are fun for like a few hours and have no replay value. State of Decay 2 is solid but the rest, you have got to be kidding me MS. Pretty soft presentation of whats to come. Third party is where it is at.

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seriously ? sony gives uncharted , horizon and the last of us, while we get rise and shine ? what a joke , next time I buy a console it will be sony's for sure .

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Doubt MS will drop the ball again when it comes to making the best console's and best games ever created. Sony fanboys, enjoy your fleeting "run in the sun".....it'll be a "blip" on the radar.

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All is well at MS.... Great year of games and the most powerful console ever created coming this CHRISTmas.... what more could you want!....an American company, up on top and taking it all back.......Fantastic!!!

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guess microsoft has basically thrown in the towel and just depend on third party.

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Looking forward to State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3.

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It must be really stressful to be in charge of XBOX right now. :/

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I've been really disappointed with the game selection after 3 years of the consoles being on the market and the hardware is just horrendous. Why are they trying so hard to be computers? I just want a console that I can play video games on. I don't want to waste a day installing the game and downloading a 50gb update then have half the game missing unless I spend money on dlc. The xbox one is by far the worst console I've ever had and after playing friends PS4s, they aren't much better. If this was a video of upcoming games for the 360 3 years into it's life, there would be more than this pathetic selection of games on offer.

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@cozmcrae: I have to agree. I havent bought either the ps4 or xb1. i think i'll skip this gen. the game selection has been anemic...

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@cozmcrae: remember that this are exclusives, there is all the third party coming like mass effect, red dead redemption and everything else is irrelevant next to those two, he he.

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Daymare: 1998™ - Bringing Back the Survival Horror , How is this game not getting more mentions!

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If I'm not mistaken, FF12 remastered and FF7 are Sony exclusives, too, right? The Xbox is getting buried. Are they just focusing on making a good home entertainment system now?

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@chizzamcnuggets: FF7 is not PS4 exclusive.

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Oh my. Crackdown may be the only exclusive worth getting full price. I don't know. What happened to Xbox?? There's just no competition here. PS4 is the better choice.

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@chizzamcnuggets: you are wrong, I'm more interested in cuphead and sea of thieves than anything else on PS4. Go with you propaganda to the PS4 forums.

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@Aleperez75: Most of Sony's exclusives are not published by Sony and are Japanese video games so they wouldn't do very well on the XBOX ONE anyway.

Why would another publisher make a game exclusively for XBOX ONE which would be only available to 20+ million possible users where as an PS4 exclusive would be available to 40+ million possible users.

SFV lost sales by being a PS4 exclusive...

As the demand for XBOX ONE increases so does interest from other publishers.

Microsoft might actually publish more higher grade and different videos games than Sony.

Halo Wars



Sunset Overdrive


Lost Odyssey

Alan Wake

Gears Of War

Forza Motorsport

Forza Horizon

Killer Instinct


Quantum Break


Compare that to what Sony has been publishing over the years.

The potential for Microsoft to develop great games is there.

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@systemoverload: Did you just list Kameo as a flagship Xbox game?

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Well Xbox did have Scalebound, but we all know what happened there.
Out of that list, Rise & Shine and Cuphead are the only games to have my interest.

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The fabled Xbox One exclusive (that ironically does not include a Fable game)

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So zero exclusives, brilliant.

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I am looking forward to play cuphead with my wife

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Just like when I was a kid, people either loved Foreign (Toyota, Nissan, Honda) cars/trucks, or American (GM, Ford, Chevy). It's the same things here, and now it's quantity vs quantity, and MS just can't compete with Sony. Sony's games are mostly NEW IP's, which is what people have been waiting for, because of the lack there of this gen. Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, many I can't even pronounce without looking at the list LOL. But that's ok. Also games that are EXCLUSIVE, not on ANY platform but Sony like the Crash Remakes, God Of War is now confirmed for 2017, Uncharted Legacy (even though I prefer Nathan and not Chloe). Along with many others. This is the worst list I've ever seen, probably in the history of gaming. And actually the 3rd party titles this year are pretty crappy (so far) as well. This gen overall just sucks for games. But at least Sony are trying a LOT harder. And not worrying about, making the most powerful console ever. I mean really? It's been barely over 3 years now. Be happy with what we've been given. Oh wait, we can't because we're all spoiled. But anyway, Sony does wins hands down for games this year. Even though it shouldn't be a $$$K measuring contest. People turn it into one.

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@bubba_666: At the same time, things can change very quickly from year to year and console generation to console generation for both consoles. Sony had its low points last generation for a couple years but caught up. Even this generation early on I think Xbox One had a period where it had a better lineup of exclusives but now Sony is building up a better lineup. The fact is, PlayStation has always been the more globally recognized and better selling console compared to xbox. But it all comes down to personal preference. I love Halo and Forza so that's the tie-breaker for me going for xbox. I am not into games like Bloodborne and Nioh however i do wish I could play Uncharted and Horizon Zero Down but having Gears, Halo, Forza, and even Quantum Break seem like an even trade so I don't feel like I have the lesser console. I agree though, both consoles are still lacking this generation. I remember how many more great games we had at this same time period into the PS3 and 360 generation. This console generation just doesn't compare. I think modern video games are getting way too complex, time-consuming, and expensive to make and it's putting a strain on developers to keep putting them out year after year. Cancellations and delays are becoming more common. 4K, HDR, etc are causing developers to focus all their efforts on technology instead of creativity. I personally would rather have more games and a better selection of games than just prettier games.

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I agree it does seem to change but Sony has the better line up at the moment for sure. I used to have a PS1 then PS2 but wasn't a fan of PS3 so went Xbox 360 then XBO which I enjoy but I'll admit I'd love to play uncharted or Last of Us but not going to pick up a PS for the sake of a couple of games as I enjoy the XBO ones I do play and backwards compatibility is decent as is the XBlive. They do need to get more exclusives though and not just gears or forza sequels to rely on. ReCore wasn't bad albeit basic not tried QBreak but its on my to do list. Would love to see a sequel to Alan Wake though but yeah more new IPs as the console is pretty decent but I do worry over their Scorpio this year not only as proposed as being expensive but it may have not much in the way of exclusive titles upon its release.

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Sea of Thieves !! Cannot wait !!

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As someone who owns a XB1s, PS4 Pro and PC, these games look amazing, finally some excellent looking releases for XB1. Looking forward to upgrading to Scorpio at the end of the year too, hopefully these games benefit from that as well.

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@dashaka: Owning both a PS4 and X1 is kind of like owning both an AK-47 and an M4.

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@Tomcat2007: More like having your cake and eating it to.

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Forza Motorsport 7.

Gears of War 2 Ultimate.

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@Nintendo_Man: Phil has already mentioned there will be no Gears game this year. As well as no Halo FPS.

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@Nintendo_Man: nice I'm ready for the new forza and gt sport in 4k and vr. I don't think I would buy a gears 2 ultimate I didn't like the original it was trash,but gears 3 was a beast on xb360.

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If they're on PC too, then they're not exclusives...

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@Mando44646: seriously you 12? Really original

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@dylan35: nope. But apparently you don't like simple facts?

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@Mando44646: There is still a distinction to be made between console exclusive and exclusive. I had recently decided to build a PC for MS exclusives, and game on PS4 afterwards. However, many games ported to PC have issues to iron out through patches because of how many configurations there are, as you know. So, I scrapped that idea and remain a console player through and through, looking forward to Scorpio. For gamers like me, of which there are tens of millions, games that are console exclusive, and can be found on PC, don't diminish the value proposition of the console. So, while you're very correct in how you think, it's still important to a ton of people.

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@consolehaven: I think what he meant is that the games are all on both Xbox1 and pc, thus they're not exclusives. Exclusive means it's only available in 1 location.

It's not a negative thing. I personally play on both PC and PS4 but I only got my PC up and running this month, so before that I was purely console gamer. I just really didn't want an Xbox1 because, even though it's better for FPS, I don't play as many of those as I do action adventure titles, which PS4 has more of.

So for me, having the PC instead of the xbox console allows me to play the strategy games and adventure games that are only available to MS users. (Sea of Thieves looks dope and I'm excited for it).

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@Mando44646: shut up meg

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@oflow: He never said it was a bad thing, just that they aren't exclusive, why does that garner a negative response from you?

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