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Xbox And Bethesda Deal: Are Bethesda Games Xbox-Exclusive Now?

Xbox's landmark $7.5 billion acquisition has gone through, making it one of the biggest gaming deals of all time. But what does it mean for Bethesda games going forward? The Console Crew analyze the statements from Xbox and Bethesda.

Xbox's landmark $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media has gone through, meaning that Bethesda's eight games studios are now part of Xbox's first-party stable. It's a huge and exciting move for both Xbox and Bethesda, but what does it mean for Bethesda games going forward?

In the above video, the Console Crew (aka Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain, and Jordan Ramée) analyze the statements put out by Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Bethesda's own Pete Hines, as they tiptoe around the tricky question: Will Bethesda games be Xbox-exclusive from now on?

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