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I would like Tomb Raider to be Game of The Year.

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So, only one of the 10 was an X360 exclusive? That's not good when PS3 had 3 exclusives.

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LOL, each of these games - with the one exception of GTA V - were (way) better on PC last year.....

I guess this must be GTA V although I think it wasn't a really good game....

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I have seen a PC which is far more powerful than Xbox One And Playstation 4..... Hehehehe YEAH!!!!!.....

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we cant vote.... thats really bad

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Vote? Well... GTA V - The Best

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GTA V was definately the best game out of them, showing there was still some life left in the 8 year old console.

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Another money talk poll? No, thanks

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those issues were resolved within first 2 weeks, no way anyone reached level 100 or close to by then. If you did, you cheated and deserved it.

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You should only put console exclusives in these sections :S

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can i vote

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Metro, Bioshock or Tomb Raider... GTA V is way overrated :(

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Bioshock or Metro. Both are great.

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This list is why Ps4 is my pick for next gen! MS deserted X360, while Sony released a couple of the best exclusives ever on Ps3 in its last year.

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bioshock infinite deserves this award

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no chinges

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WTF I have to watch a 30 sec video to watch this? no thanks

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@AggrandizedUser Yeah...no.

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OK so I have to ask, if there is no voting then what is the point of the list?

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Xbox really needs quality first party studio bad. Bungie is gone, and Cliff Bleszinski departed from Epic, Rare haven't been the same under Microsoft. Lionhead seems to be working on Fable MMO, but Fable series have been going downhill since the original Fable (fantastic game). Also, I thought Tom McShea gave Bioshock Infinite a 4/10...lol

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gta v will definitely win. It's the sandbox game from rockstar and really deserves it.

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does the board choose or do we actually get to vote like every year, shitty new GS page designs...

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WHEEEEERE THE HELLLLL DO YOU VOOOOOOOOOTTTTEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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lol just a bunch of butchered pc games

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not a single 360 game on the list

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Actually, these are ALL 360 games. That's why they are here.

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@A8ADD0N @obsequies no they are butchered pc games ported to 360. Theres not a single 360 game on the list. Pathetic

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lame, they should have unveiled the 360 before the ps3.

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@wowwow27 why? they should have unveiled 360 before PS4 that's for sure.

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Splinter Cell:Blacklist,metro last light,Tomb raider,GTA V and Assassin's Creed IV :Black Flag will get Game of the Year

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I wonder why people keep saying that there was no Xbox360 exclusive this year. Do they have to be Exclusives to be nominations??? That's so dumb. Let's look back in 2012, Dishonored was both best Xbox and PS3 game!!!

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none of these are exclusives. That sort makes the "best of 360" a silly category imo

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@themc_7 i agree in a way, but thats probably cause the focus is xbox one.

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The games don't need to be exclusive to be the BEST GAMES on the system. That's just dumb. Bioshock Infinite or GTA V will win this one. Brothers: Tale of Two Sons was a great game. A little to short and a little to easy.Not bad for the price. At least it was longer then Limbo, which was very short.

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@blackace There should be different categories. There should be one for best 360 and PS3 exclusives and one for best third party game for each system.

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@akuya32 @blackace Gamespot probably doesn't want to put in the effort.

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again all multiplatform games...

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Wow, such a good selection of games with absolutely no exclusives... seriously, where are the 360 exclusives? Why are these even in best 360 games?

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@Stebsis Because regardless of being multiplatform, the games are fantastic. The award isn't Exclusive of the Year. It's Game of the Year. Exclusives and multiplatform games are all valid entries.

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I vote for Metro Last Light.

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where do you vote ??????????????????????

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GTA5 will win this one

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Gamespot, that CBSi video player is total crap. The same videos (like your reviews and whatnot) run fine when you guys upload them to Youtube. This site's player stutters more than a homeless eskimo.

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@crunchb3rry Yeah but it runs on 60 fps doe, while youtube is caped at 30 .

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Was a sad year for games. I thought GTA 5 was going to win, but after finishing it I don't think so(too user friendly and too short). Too many missed opportunities this year. All the morons pre ordering are partly to blame. the more you pre order, the less incentive developers have to thoroughly complete a game.

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I think Bioshock Infinite. GTAV was great, and lots of fun, but the story was nothing compared to this.

I think Gamespot should have done it by genre, rather than game platform. That would have made the races more fair.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Hands down.

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@GameGuy642003 Definitely.

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@unconquered2222 It's funny that people complain when popular games get nominated, but also complain when indie games get nominated. I'm aware that different people complain on different things, but sometimes the same people complain on both.

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They're just hipsters who like to hate on anything that is popular or genuinely good, a brilliant game could come out tomorrow and get 10/10 everywhere and be popular, they would just rebel and have an opposing opinion just because, to make them look "edgy" which is pathetic.