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Xbox 2042 - Imagine the Future of Gaming

Imagine the future for gaming powered by quantum computing and featuring the world’s first holographic UX. The fastest most powerful gaming experience ever made — capable of 1 exaFLOPS of processing power, 32K video and 240 frames-per-second — yet it’s 90% smaller, a gaming supercomputer you hold in the palms of your hands. Imagine Xbox 2042.

Xbox 2042 is built to drive native 32K resolutions in Full Spectrum Color at a base frame rate of 240 FPS (up to 480 FPS) with zero latency. All games are now “instant-on” requiring no loading times whatsoever. Even cloud-based open-world games with worlds so enormous they have their own dedicated data centers load and sync instantly. The all-new holographic user experience is intuitive, extra-sensory and will forever change how you game.

The new gaming experience will support a robust games lineup, featuring more than 70 titles available at launch including the cutting-edge first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042. Xbox 2042 also offers full backwards compatibility with the games you know and love, boasting a library of 5000+ titles across four decades of Xbox. Just imagine the possibilities?